Tax advisory services

Get more than 30 tax advisers and other specialists on your side.

We find optimal solutions that respect the laws. We appreciate that our clients prefer legal certainty to problematic tax savings. But we are also consistent opponents during tax audits. With us, foreign investors and Czech enterprises operating abroad also find a base.

Accounting audit

Choose an auditor who understands your needs.

Audit of accounting is subject to strict regulation. But we help in giving sense to accounting, opening new paths and developing enterprises. Therefore even clients who are not required to audit their accounts by law seek our services.


Rely on meticulous, modern, affordable and properly insured accounting.

We serve even small companies for an affordable price with information technology that usually only their big competitors can afford. Choose a base that gives you peace of mind, thanks to the professionalism of our accountants, support from our tax advisers and lawyers, elaborate methodology and advanced technologies.

Payroll processing

Utilise payroll accounting that will free your hands.

We can completely take over the demanding payroll agenda. We free our clients of worries about legal regulations, administration and communication with the authorities and insurance companies thanks to the organisation, methodology, technologies and base of our professionals. We can also help with the taxation and insurance of expatriates.

Advocacy and legal advice

Take advantage of quality legal services, which will protect you.

The KODAP services have a broader base thanks to collaboration with the law firm KODAP legal. Practical and useful legal solutions are created because your solutions will be ensured jointly by specialists from various professions.

Other services

Find sense in complexity.

Training of employees, analysis and planning of enterprise structures. We assess or process transfer pricing documentation and also provide many other services. We can help resolve disputes from grant drawing audits as well as in many other specialisations, where you can rely on our extensive experience.